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This Too Shall Pass.

My name is Tuesday. Self-harm, anxiety, paranoia,depression. I have struggled with self-harm for about 7 years now. I've been clean 11 months. Im 17. North Carolina born & raised. I'm striving for happiness.❂Kik & Twitter: ChusdeeFoust❂



i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 

Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one.Unknown (via blackbruise)

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Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, remember longer and, as I say, get sadder younger than anyone else in the world. I know, for I’m one of them.Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine (via wordsnquotes)


why are bras and period products so fucking expensive okay this shit pisses me off, it’s not like i asked for boobs or for my vagina to destroy itself every month

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I think we all have that one person that we never truley get over, that we still think about right before bed everynight, or you will always jump at a chance to talk to ever tho you know you shouldn’t talk to, or the first person you think of whenever you’re drunk.

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mosaics are made from broken pieces but they’re still works of art and so are you

I urge you to please notice when you are happy.Kurt Vonnegut  (via sapphiretemplo)

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in 4th grade we were making clay pots in art and our teacher kept saying “make them thinner! those are too thick they won’t work” so we made them thinner and when she put then in the kiln they all exploded and she told us it was our fault because we made them too thin and if that doesn’t describe the school system i don’t know what does

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

The relentless pace of modern life is a drain, this quote reminds us to stop and smell the roses once in a while. Ideally while wearing a Ferris-style bath robe for emphasis.”

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One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?

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This is so important

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Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of love or loneliness.

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I think the concept of virginity was created by men who thought their penises were so important it changes who a woman is.

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The most perfect conclusion about how “virginity” came to be I’ve ever encountered.

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You may think I’m small, but I have a universe in my head.Yoko Ono (via abstinently)
A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey
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